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Stewart Belland & Associates Inc. (SBA) is a Civil Enforcement Agency licensed by the Province of Alberta. Operating since 1996, under the Alberta Civil Enforcement Act and Regulations, as a Civil Enforcement Agency we are legislated to enforce Civil Warrants.

SBA retains the services of Provincial Licensed Bailiffs, who follow a compressive Rule of Conduct, in performing their functions throughout all jurisdictions within the Province of Alberta.

The enforcement process includes the recovery of personal property, vehicles, residential and commercial evictions, enforcing of Court Orders, sale of land, enforcement of judgements, and document serving.

In addition to providing services throughout Alberta, we maintain strong working relationships with other Agencies across Canada, including the Territories.

As a one–stop Civil Enforcement Agency, we retain licensed Personal Property Appraisers to provide a comprehensive valuation of personal property. Additionally, our sales arm, Stewart Belland Sales, provides our clients with the ability to liquidate their assets using our online public auction format, ensuring fair market value.

Our years of experience ensure that our clients are provided with proper information to achieve a sound business decision should the need arise to enforce your legal rights.


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